Case Study

Calvary Church

Facility type:Church - Building Exterior and Parking Lot, Maumee, Ohio

Work Performed: Exterior LED Retrofit and Fixture Replacements

A few years ago, Calvary Church moved into the former Maumee 18 Theater on Conant Street. They have been renovating the building to better meet the needs of their growing congregation.

In 2017, Calvary Church upgraded the exterior and parking lot lighting with a focus on lowering energy consumption and reducing the associated maintenance costs and upkeep of changing lamps and ballasts in the exterior light fixtures.

Wholesale Lighting was able to find the best possible LED replacement lamps for the existing pole mounted flood fixtures. Wholesale Lighting selected an innovative LED “Expander” lamp to replace the existing HID lamps and ballasts in the fixtures. These expandable corncobs provide better light distribution from the “shoebox” style flood fixtures than a standard LED corncob replacement lamp would have in that position. These LED replacements not only lowered the energy consumption of the parking lot lighting by 75%, but also will greatly reduce the maintenance costs of the lighting for many years into the future by eliminating the labor of relamping the pole mounted fixtures and replacing the ballasts. For the building exterior, Wholesale Lighting selected new LED light fixtures with a light distribution which flattered the building’s architecture. The new LED fixtures are top quality and built to exacting specifications by the manufacturer to achieve an industry leading lifespan. These fixtures will function maintenance free for many years to come. Wholesale Lighting assisted Calvary Church with an application for First Energy’s Energy Save Ohio rebate program for LED lighting replacements. This lighting rebate program is available to commercial power customers of Toledo Edison and Ohio Edison. The rebate incentive available through this program covered about half of the material cost of the LED “Expander” lamps to retrofit the parking lot pole mounted floods. The rebate program also made a significant contribution toward the new LED light fixtures for the building exterior.


Calvary Church was happy with the results of their exterior LED lighting project, and will continue to reap the benefits and cost reductions of the new lighting for many years to come.

Annual Operating Savings (Energy & Maintenance) - $14,400

Annual Consumption Savings – 160,000 kWh Saved

Reduced Billings
Payback Period (yrs)
Net Present Value ($)
Internal Rate of Return

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