Case Study

Chemical Manufacturing Company

Facility type: Industrial/Manufacturing, Office, and Conference Center, Toledo Metro Area

Work Performed: Interior Lighting LED Retrofits


The chemical manufacturing company has a large, suburban facility which consists of a large industrial/manufacturing workspace, a large shipping/receiving area, and an extensive office space and conference center. With such a large facility containing many different types of workspaces, they have a number of different light fixtures, including 320W and 400W metal halide highbays, 6-lamp T5HO fluorescent highbays, 4 and 6-lamp T8 fluorescent highbays, T8 fluorescent troffers, and recessed can fixtures with PAR30 lamps.



In 2017, a chemical manufacturing company located in the Toledo Metro area was seeking to lower the energy costs of their lighting and also to reduce the maintenance costs associated with relamping their existing fixtures.



Wholesale Lighting was able to select the best possible LED retrofit solution for each fixture type to ensure the particular workspace was effectively and efficiently lit. One of the main requirements that the chemical manufacturing company had for the project was a rapid deployment of the LED retrofits and replacements with fast and easy installations to minimize labor costs. In order to meet this criteria, Wholesale Lighting selected plug & play LED linear tubes to replace both the F32T8 and the F54T5/HO fluorescent lamps. An innovative new LED “screw-in” retrofit was selected for use in many of the metal halide highbay fixtures. This innovative new design has a light distribution which is perfectly suited to this type of highbay fixture, and targets the light much more effectively than a traditional LED corncob lamp. Wholesale Lighting was able to assist the chemical manufacturing company with filing a rebate application for the LED lighting materials with FirstEnergy’s Energy Save Ohio Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program. Over $70,000 of rebate incentive was paid toward this LED lighting retrofit project, which greatly reduced the final out-of-pocket cost of the project to the company.





The chemical manufacturing company was pleased with the results of their lighting retrofits, and satisfied with the amount of installation labor necessary to complete the project. They are well on their way to realizing an annual savings of over $70,000 from the energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Annual Operating Savings (Energy & Maintenance) - $70,000

Annual Consumption Savings – 800,000 kWh

Reduced Billings
Payback Period (yrs)
Net Present Value ($)
Internal Rate of Return

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