Case Study

Denny’s Supermarket

Facility type: Grocery Store, Liberty Center, Ohio

Work Performed: Interior Lighting LED Retrofit

Denny’s Supermarket is a small, family-run grocery store and fuel center located in Liberty Center, Ohio.

In 2017, Denny’s Supermarket was seeking to improve the quality of the lighting inside the grocery store while also reducing the energy consumption and maintenance costs associated with the lighting.

Wholesale Lighting was able to select an LED T8 replacement tube that would meet the needs of Denny’s Supermarket. The LED replacement tubes provide a brighter, better quality light for the main sales floor which provides more desirable illumination of the products on the shelves. The LED plug & play replacement tubes were well suited to this customer’s situation because they are easy to install. Deployment of the LED replacement tubes was exactly like fluorescent relamping. This allowed the staff of Denny’s Supermarket to perform the installation themselves. This meant that there was no need to bring in an electrical contractor, and kept labor costs associated with the lighting project to a minimum. The staff at Denny’s were able to deploy all of the LED tubes and complete the lighting replacement in just one day. This also minimized disruption to the grocery store’s normal business operations. Wholesale Lighting assisted Denny’s Supermarket with a rebate application for First Energy’s Energy Save Ohio program for LED lighting upgrades. This lighting rebate program is available to commercial power customers of Toledo Edison and Ohio Edison. The rebate incentive available through this program covered 66% of the material cost of the lighting project at Denny’s Supermarket.


The lighting retrofit project met all of the customer’s goals and left them fully satisfied.

Annual Operating Savings (Energy & Maintenance) - $1,700.00

Annual Consumption Savings – 19,000 kWh

Reduced Billings
Payback Period (yrs)
Net Present Value ($)
Internal Rate of Return

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