Case Study

Exceleration Gymnastics Center

Facility type:Gymnasium, Toledo, Ohio

Work Performed: Interior Lighting LED Retrofit


Exceleration Gymnastics Center has over 20,000 square feet of gym space; one of the largest gyms in the region. This includes a main gym area for recreational gymnastics classes, cheer, parkour, and competitive gymnastics teams. They also have a newly renovated smaller “Jungle Gym” which features appropriately sized equipment for preschool gymnasts.


In 2017, Exceleration Gymnastics Center was looking to reduce the time and maintenance costs associated with relamping the Metal Halide highbay fixtures in their main gymnasium while also reducing the energy consumption of the lighting.


Wholesale Lighting selected a directional LED replacement lamp to retrofit the 400W metal halide highbay fixtures in the main gymnasium while maintaining the best possible light distribution from the existing fixtures. These LED replacement lamps required rewiring the existing fixtures, but the rewiring was simple and the installation was quick. This was important because of the large number of light fixtures involved in the lighting retrofit project, and the need to perform the installation work during time periods when the main gymasium was not in use in order to minimize disruption to normal business operations. Wholesale Lighting assisted Exceleration Gymnastics Center with a rebate application for First Energy’s Energy Save Ohio program for LED lighting upgrades. This lighting rebate program is available to commercial power customers of Toledo Edison and Ohio Edison. The rebate incentive available through this program covered the majority of the material cost of the LED lighting retrofit project in the main gymnasium.



The lighting retrofit project met the customer’s goal of reducing the costs and time spent on maintaining the light fixtures and exceeded their initial expectations for reduced energy consumption. The high quality LED replacement lamps have been in daily operation now for more than 18 months with no failures and no need for any further labor since the installation was completed. An additional benefit of the lighting retrofit project is that the LED lamps have totally eliminated the low-light warm-up and re-strike time intervals associated with Metal Halide lighting.


Annual Operating Savings (Energy & Maintenance) - $15,000.00

Annual Consumption Savings – 175,000 kWh

Reduced Billings
Payback Period (yrs)
Net Present Value ($)
Internal Rate of Return

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