New Product Alert: Satco Launches New Starfish Smart WiFi Lights

Satco Starfish Smart Lighting

Introducing STARFISH, the simple, scalable, smart, lighting solution by SATCO. Engineered with SATCO’s brand of quality, value and reliability, SATCO STARFISH™ brings the luxury of smart lighting “home” with an offering that suits a number of lifestyles.

STARFISH™ lighting products are smart enabled through the power of Wi-Fi. The free app is available for both iPhone and Android and works with most existing devices, no hub needed. The Wi-Fi chip inside of the STARIFISH product works through a secure cloud platform and connects with the STARFISH app from anywhere in the world.

STARFISH integrates with Alexa, Hey Google, Siri and SmartThings for voice control and advanced features and integrations.

STARFISH™ offers a broad variety of products from general service bulbs that fit standard fixtures to downlights and unique decorative products like outdoor color changing tape lights and popular string lights. Control products through the app. Connect as many devices using the secure log in and create different administration levels for a variety of control settings, for house guests, children, childcare and more.

STARFISH is more than just light timing and decorative enhancements, it is a home feature that can offer convenience, connection, security, atmosphere and even wellness. The built-in features can be programed to enhance and augment life. From utilizing the programs to help transition through daily tasks and times, to the ability to change lighting in an instant, it is connection and convenience that helps you live life enlightened.

No major investment is needed to get started, STARFISH works right away with just one product. With a full offering of products, from A-bulbs that can create smart lighting using fixtures, to recessed downlights, indoor and outdoor accent bulbs and fun decorative portable products, there are a lot of ways to enter into the world of STARFISH