Clearance - Ballasts

Philips Advance Optanium


4-Lamp T8 Programmed Start Ballast


Runs the following lamps:

4 x F32T8

4 x F25T8

4 x F17T8

Also runs 4 x 48-inch 30W, 28W, or 25W Energy Saver T8 Lamps

$15.00 Each

Order# Clearance Item IOP-4S32-SC


GE 37362

Magnetic Core and Coil Ballast

For 1000W High Pressure Sodium Lamp S-52

Ballast Kit Includes Capacitor, Igniter, Mounting Brackets, and Hardware

5-tap Ballast Works on 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V, or 480V Line Power

$75.00 Each

Order# Clearance Item GE 37362

Lightolier FBP750-4P Compact Fluorescent Emergency Ballast

Provides Emergency Illumination with 4-pin CFL PL-Lamps

See manufacturer spec sheet for lamp list.

Includes wall mount indicator light and test switch.

$25.00 Each

Order# Clearance Item FBP750-4P

Triad B232SR120S50

Dimming Electronic Ballast


Runs the following lamps:

2 x F32T8

2 x F32T8/U

2 x F31T8/U

$20.00 Each

Order# Clearance Item B232SR120S50

Keystone KTEB-232-UV-IS-L-P

Instant Start Electronic Ballast

Low Power Factor


Runs the following lamps:

1 or 2 x F32T8

1 or 2 x F32T8/ES/28

1 or 2 x F32T8/ES/25

1 or 2 x F25T8

1 or 2 x F17T8

1 x F40T8

$5.00 Each

Order# Clearance Item KTEB-232-UV-IS-L-P

Advance 72C8084-NP F-CAN HPS Ballast

For 1 – 100W S54 High Pressure Sodium Lamp


$75.00 Each

Order# Clearance Item 72C8084-NP

Advance 74P3323-011 HID Postline Ballast

For One 175W Mercury Vapor or Metal Halide Lamp (H-39)

240V Power Supply

$100.00 each

Order# Clearance Item 74P3323

Advance Mark 10 Powerline Dimming Ballast

Model: VEZ-2T42-M3-BS

Programmed Start

277V Supply

Optimized for two 42W triple tube 4-pin (PL-T style) compact fluorescent lamps.

Also ignites any two PL-T style lamps from 32-42W or one PL-T lamp from 57-70W.

Dimensions: 6.3″ Length x 3.0″ Width x 1.3″ Height

$50.00 each

Order# Clearance Item VEZ-2T42-M3-BS