Unique Approach

We’ve got you covered through our unique approach.

Our proven approach is a source of pride for us and a source of confidence for you. We map out the logistics and develop detailed schedules so there are no surprises.

We staff the project with a crew of experienced lighting technicians and/or licensed electricians. We work the plan through the distribution of assignments to the crew including the management of all field issues, change orders, and potential conflicts. Both internal and external reports are generated including progress and “as-built” reports. A keen eye is kept on the cleanliness of the job site.

Many other companies make their own equipment or have exclusive relationships with certain suppliers. Wholesale Lighting does not. We are manufacturing and technology neutral so we have the freedom to select the products that are most appropriate for your project from both a cost and functionality perspective.

We prepare the fixture design parameters and select the appropriate manufacturing partner. We identify all potential suppliers for the bill of materials and use our purchasing clout to secure low-cost bids for those materials that include price and delivery.

Because we purchase millions of lamps, ballasts, fixtures, and sensors every year directly from the manufacturers, we ensure these savings are passed on to you in order to make the project financially attractive.