What We Do

The foundation of Wholesale Lighting is our ability to offer a comprehensive lighting package that includes quality lighting products and customized design solutions.

Through our energy audits and our assistance with the tax deduction process, we have helped thousands of customers in Ohio and Michigan receive over $1.5 million in rebates. And with our vast selection of industrial lighting and residential lighting products, we have become the most trusted lighting provider for the residents and business owners of Toledo OH.

How Our Financial Analysis Can Help You Estimate Your Savings

The importance of high quality lighting for a business or residence cannot be overestimated. By furnishing your home or business with our energy efficient lighting, you will reduce your electric bill while improving the appearance and utility of your business or home. A financial analysis of the energy used by your home or business will allow you to estimate approximately how much money you will save by investing in our quality lighting solutions.

Learn How to Conserve Resources Through Our Lighting Energy Audit

Businesses in Toledo OH can take the first step in energy conservation by participating in one of our energy audits. One of our experienced professionals will visit your facility and conduct a thorough evaluation of your site and current lighting. We will detail our findings in a comprehensive 12 page report. The report will highlight deficiencies and opportunities for improved lighting. Wholesale Lighting will also reference the estimated impact of commercial lighting solutions on your energy costs.

Our Lighting Engineers Maximize Efficiency Through Design Plans

In order to maximize savings, homes and businesses are often redesigned following a lighting energy audit. For instance, industrial lighting may be reduced in areas of a plant that were receiving an overabundance of light while additional lighting is installed in areas that were receiving insufficient light. We can also help clients maximize products and space through residential lighting redesign. For example, we can help homeowners save money by converting their halogen landscape lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting with a 50,000 hour lifespan.

Enjoy Tax Incentives Through the Purchase of Our Energy Efficient Lighting

Many people are unaware of the special tax incentives that are available to people who invest in energy efficient lighting. As outlined in Internal Revenue Code Section 179D, people who demonstrate a 25 percent reduction in wattage per square foot (compared to ASHRAE 90.1-2001) are eligible to receive an incentive of at least 30 cents per square foot. The expert staff at Wholesale Lighting can analyze your current lighting collection and discuss your potential eligibility for these tax incentives.

We Will Help You Identify Valuable Grants, Loans and Rebate Opportunities

There are approximately 50 special incentives for which the residents of Toledo OH and surrounding areas may be eligible. These incentives are available in the form of grants, loans and rebates. We can evaluate your home or office to determine whether you may be eligible for any of these incentives. If you are not currently eligible for any of these opportunities, we can provide guidance and the commercial lighting required to meet the requirements for these incentives.
If you need assistance with a custom lighting solution for your business then contact Wholesale Lighting for more information. We’re standing by to help you today.