Energy Audit

Most companies do not realize the impact that their energy usage has both on the environment around them, and on the bottom line. However, there are proven ways to control energy usage and save money at the same time. Wholesale Lighting offers the following advice on how to reduce and manage your energy consumption through energy audits.

Why Audit Energy Usage?

Most of the sales people knocking on your door will do a simple walk-through of your facility and offer a quote. If that’s all you really want, we can do a quick assessment too, and give you a preliminary assessment.

Our experience suggests that you can achieve much better results with a thorough lighting energy audit. Our energy audits are a bottom-up assessment of the true lighting needs in your facility. We match your needs with the latest technology options, and have an experienced team in place who will make sure the benefits are made real in your workplace.

All too often, mistakes were made years ago in specifying the type of light needed in a particular area, and retrofitters amplify those mistakes by providing replacements to a lighting solution that was wrong for the application in the first place. We start from the beginning – is the space properly lit? – or is it underlit or overlit based on today’s lighting standards and your own preferences. Next, are the lights being properly dimmed, or are they turned on when they are not needed based on daylight and motion. Our excellent design skills will produce dramatically better lighting and cost results with today’s best technologies.


Wholesale Lighting’s experienced sales team will work with you to determine the approach best suited to your needs. In some facilities, only a simple bulb replacement project is needed in cases where a client is planning to move out of a leased building in the near future.

In other cases, where incentive monies are available and the client owns the building, a more thorough approach may be warranted. Our sales team will work with you to provide a no-cost, preliminary assessment that can help you determine what type of project can meet your financial needs and technical criteria. Once we have provided preliminary options that you know will meet your objectives, then we can discuss the value and finance options involved in your project.

Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in the lighting field. Contact us, and we will help devise the best plan for your company.