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All businesses, whether commercial, industrial or private, need some form of efficient lighting. Both commercial and industrial lighting solutions are available through affordable lighting companies in Toledo OH. This wholesale lighting is not only sufficient in power, but efficient in power usage as well, thanks to improving fluorescent technology. Click on the items below to discover common uses and benefits of wholesale lighting for the many different types of business out there.


Commercial lighting solutions are especially vital for any manufacturing business, for both convenience and safety reasons. Without sufficient light output, workers and supervisors won’t be able to do their jobs effectively. Fortunately for them, a variety of lighting solutions is available through wholesale lighting. 

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Gas Stations

For the convenience of customers and security of gas stations, plenty of light should be available. A gas station manager or owner can choose from plenty of different lighting fixtures that fit their unique needs, depending on the area and environment that they are in. 

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Car Dealerships

Although a majority of people shop for cars during the day, there’s still a decent percentage of those who like to go car shopping during dark hours. When trying to sell a car at night, there needs to be plenty of light illuminating throughout the dealership. Aside from marketing purposes, light is a necessary thing to have when protecting valuable merchandise from unwanted intruders. 

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Churches can benefit from wholesale lighting in a number of ways. There obviously needs to be enough light inside the building for people to get around. Most importantly, the parking lot needs to be a safe place, so plenty of light fixtures will be needed, specifically at night.

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Effective lighting improves the productivity of a restaurant by creating a better environment for both workers and customers. Workers will need to see what they are doing in order to do their job in a timely manner, while customers should be able to easily see their surroundings, such as the menu. 

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Shopping Centers

Bright lights really improve the physical appearance of any product throughout a store. Therefore, commercial lighting solutions would benefit any store greatly.

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Distribution Facilities

Without sufficient lighting, a distribution warehouse or facility cannot function properly. Dark or dim environments may cause workers to send products in the wrong distribution routes. The safety of workers is affected as well. Industrial lighting solutions can be easily obtained in Toledo OH to prevent this nightmare. 

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Government workers, or workers in general, will definitely need lighting to read very important documents and letters. The most basic lighting fixtures should suffice this application. 

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Farming/ Agriculture

Unlike other applications mentioned in this list, the farming industry doesn’t need the brightest lighting fixtures available. However, light will be necessary to some extent, mainly to keep intruders out. Also, invaders are less likely to invade an area that is lit. Regardless, a farmer’s crop needs to be visible at any time. 

If you work in any of these industries, or in any other one for that matter, and you’re looking for a custom lighting solution then call Wholesale Lighting in Toledo, OH today.

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